Sunday, October 25, 2009

road trip

"I've been spending too much time in California, were feelings change, but seasons never do"- Sherwood.

I have this physical map in my room of the United States, it shows all the main highways in a dark red color thats winds all over the map. I would tack every place that I want to go in the United States if I had some tacks handy...

I go onto google maps and type in the address to New Yankee Stadium. There's a little yellow man at the top of the map that you can drag around to see what the actual street view looks like. You can drag him from block to block and tour the city. A literally toured Bronx New York in 10 minutes. Just a little yellow man that can go wherever he wants with just the drag of a mouse. I want to be that little yellow man. I want to be the imaginary tacks on my map.

First though, before I tackle the Bronx, I'd like to travel north up through Oregon and Washington. For whatever reason I've been thinking about the northwest a lot lately. I want to go to Portland and Seattle, I think that would be pretty cool. Every big city or area has a certain feel. It's really unexplainable unless you visit the city but I'm getting good vibes from these ones. There is no feeling where I am now. Or maybe there is but I'm so used to it I can't feel it anymore. Thats a sign that I should get out. I need to feel something new.

I took a trip to Fresno to check out the school about a month ago and its the first time I really went anywhere of any distance by myself and It felt good. Just me and my jeep. Anyways, I want to take a trip into the northwest and see the northern coast.

I'll book it in my non-existent planner for "sometime in the future".

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  1. Parker James, I agree. We should take a birthday road trip. Or maybe not because we would depend on each other to go and it could easily fall through. Either way I agree, a change of some sort is needed.