Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blame it on the seasons and the weather

After a week of rain and wet shoes, I've decided that I couldn't take an entire winter of dreary weather. (I've been dealing with an ongoing sinus infection which makes me not very fond of the air this time of year). This realization comes in good timing because I have been trying to decide where I want to attend school.

"Who cares about the weather PJ, it’s the education that matters", my Mom would say.

I care Mom, thanks for your concern...

I few months back I was thinking the University of Oregon

Weather- Rainy, Cold
Price Tag- Outrageous
School of Journalism- Awesome

Arizona State
Weather- Sunny, Hot
Price Tag- High (any out of state school is, but not outrageous)
School of Journalism- Awesomerrrrrr

Just thoughts though, they change all the time.

We'll see...

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