Sunday, January 24, 2010

NFL Talk-Championship Sunday

Amidst all of the AFC and NFC championship excitement, I was stuck at the 'ol job, helping overweight ladies find what size they wear in Sketchers Shape-Ups. I'd tell them that shoes aren’t going to help anyone "shape up" their figure, but then I'd be out of a job. If honesty was practiced, there wouldn't be any salesmen...

So I recorded both games Via AT&T U-verse and watched them when I got home.


AFC Championship. NY Jets- 17 Indianapolis Colts-30

It was too bad that the Jets didn't show up on offense in the second half after looking pretty strong in the first two quarters, they maintained a 17-13 lead at the half. But to be honest, the Jets don't deserve a trip to Miami for Super Bowl 44, being 7-7 with two games left in the regular season and finishing out 9-7 after beating both the Bengals and Colts who benched their starters for post-season readiness. I have to give credit to first year Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, Rookie Quarterback Mark Sanchez and Rookie Running back Shonn Green. You wouldn't think they were all newbies to the playoffs, Rex Ryan was gushing with confidence in his team to the media after their dominant victory over the Bengals in the AFC wild-card first round. Perhaps Ryan had too much confidence in his team and played a tad safe in the loss against the Colts. Too many 3rd and 8 scenarios where the Jets ran the ball and fell short of the first down. Yes, they're defense is good but playing it safe against the high-powered offense Colts and Payton Manning gets your team a loss. There always has to be at least one team that comes out of the wood-works and gets hot during the playoffs just look at the Cardinals from last year but too bad for the J-e-t-s Jets Jets Jets, they didn't quite make it to the big game.

There isn't a huge story tell about the Colts. They were the best team in the AFC all season; most anybody could have predicted a Colts Super-Bowl appearance as early as week 8. It’s not a team a particularly excited about, I was hoping the Chargers could have finally done something in the post-season.

NFC Championship Minnesota Vikings 28- New Orleans Saints- 31 (OT)

Bret, what happened!?!?! 45 seconds to go in the fourth, tied 28-28, your team is on the 40, 5 yards away from kicking the game winning field goal to bring the Vikings to their first Super Bowl in 35 years and you throw an interception? You were running out of the pocket, keep running Bret, pick up 10 yards but no, you decide to throw it over your shoulder to an unseen defender. Hmmm, not very Favre-like. Hey Bret, do remember Week 3 against the 49ers? Of course you do, you threw a 35 yard miracle pass at the last second to win the game. My conclusion is that you simply ran out of Favre-like miracles. You cashed them in too early in the season and ran out by the time it really counted. It's karma really, you can't do that to the 49ers, your costly mistake was heartbroken 9er fans payback perhaps (I’m a 9er fan if you couldn’t tell). I bet you want to take it back now dontchya? Oh and the five turnovers during the game didn't help either.

The Saints were the best NFC team in the regular season despite leaving the season on a 3-game losing streak.

The best of the NFC against the best of the AFC for Super-Bowl 44 (Colts vs. Saints), I can't wait. Hopefully I won't be stuck selling gimmicky work-out shoes two Sundays from now...


  1. viks loss just about killed me too! dad was from minnesota; my son and i are vik fans, boo hoo! funny on the honesty with sales issues--could be a good short story *:)