Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remember remember the 5th of November

My blogs have been seriously lacking lately, it seems I have fallen off the face of the earth since October...

So what’s been happening in the three month void of blog non-existence?..Well I'll tell ya..

"Nothin’ really..."

Okay okay, I know what I've been up to these past months but put yourself in this situation:

An old acquaintance takes a double glance and recognizes you at the grocery store, you never had a close relationship with this person and you haven’t seen them in 3 months or so. He/she approaches you and asks " Hey (Your Name) how ya been? , Whatchya been up to?" How would you respond?

My mind would quickly try to lump three months of my life and I would simply blurt out

"I dunno, nothin’ really, working, going to school, same old stuff, what about you?"

While I'd criticize myself afterwards...

Yeah, awesome response parker, you're a really interesting guy...FAIL.

I don't remember what I did in the month of November really...I guess I ate turkey...I' d have to stop and really think about what I did before sharing it with anyone because if asked on the spot, I'd have no idea. What did I do last Thursday? What was I wearing? What food did I eat? What was a conversation I had? Who cares? Probably nobody but I like to look back and remember the little things.

So I have decided to buy a little flash drive camcorder and document basically every day of my life.
I'm tired of summing things up, it’s so boring that way...

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  1. love the 'nothing really" response, lol. i used to say "everything and nothing" to such inquiries. don't worry about any language issues as i am only starting to look today *:)